Number 13
Previous Clubs:
Cowley, Waltham Abbey, England
Date of Birth:
April 27th, 1974
Sir, Messiah, Oh and also Deano
 Most Memorable Moments to date:

Moulding a penis from the mud off my boot & sticking it on the referee's head whilst getting booked (promptly then being sent off)

Favourite All-time Vasco Player:

Johnny Behan -
At that age & running around with a zimmer - Legend

Favourite FC Vasco goal:
My goal v's Dog & Duck. Striking the ball on the volley isnide our own half ( Eat your heart out Mr Beckham and Nayim) Pure Genius - Or any or Paul Farenden's own goals - Class
Stuck on the Moon Cd's:
Top Three Singles
Save your love my darling - Rennie & Renato
Superman - Black Lace
Come on Ilene - Dexy's Midnight Runners
Favourite Album:

Pinky & Perky - Pinky & Perky

Favourite Film:
Behind the wall of Lust
bbc sport